World traveler. Global business mind. Spiritual seeker. Dominey’s revolutionary, proprietary strategies are merely one of the assets she brings to her clients, business parters and co-collaborators.

Growing up as an equestrian, she spent over 20 years competing at the highest levels of the horse show world. Her interests and experiences vary widely, from playing piano and singing since the age of three, to her lifelong love of motorcycles and classic cars. Her love of novelty led her to pick up ballroom dance in college, leading to instructor certifications and many years teaching salsa and Argentine Tango.

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From Burning Man to the Monaco Yacht Show, Dominey finds fascination in every area of life, and takes inspiration from every moment. Her own healing journey began at only 14 years old when she experienced an awakening that permanently changed her life’s trajectory. She delved deeply into the realm of consciousness and human transformation, embarking on a life dedicated to rapid transformation - first engaging in her own 25 year journey, and now facilitating massive change for high performers around the world.

Dominey is a poster child for the success of her work. After over 20 years of her own profound, soul-level work, including two intensive four-year schools and a Master’s degree, there is no issue that Dominey is not equipped to solve. She transformed more in that time than she thought humanly possible, overcoming colossal insecurities, weight issues, self loathing, low self confidence, constant mental voices, depression, anxiety, people pleasing, ADHD, money fears, and much more.

She has dived to the depths of her own soul countless times and emerged, through seemingly endless layers of trauma, self-sabotage, and subconscious programming, to rise like a phoenix into a default state of effortless joy. Now, she exists every day in a continuous state of flow and ease - and her passion is teaching others to do the same.

Dominey is living proof that any human difficulty can be identified at the source, and transformed. She is an entrepreneur speaker, author, transformational healer, and spiritual advisor to the elite. And today, reinventing what it means to be a global leader is her passion and her life’s work.

In the realm of personal growth, Inner Evolution stands unparalleled. Conceived and honed by Dominey, it's not just a method but a metamorphosis. Drawing from decades of spiritual training, global insights and innate business intuition, Dominey dives deeper than surface-level changes, targeting the core of one's authentic self.

What is the essence of Inner Evolution? It's a fusion of:

  • transpersonal psychology,
  • real spirituality awareness,
  • and practical application.

This is not about mere tweaks, it's about seismic shifts - about transcending barriers to unlock massive potential.

With Dominey, transformation isn’t just a journey; it’s a rebirth.

Experience the revolution. Discover Inner Evolution. Dive deep. Emerge transformed.

Bestselling Co-Author, Innovative Guide, and Visionary

In this groundbreaking anthology helmed by Alok Appadurai, the essence of transformation radiates through each tale. Out of the 27 visionary leaders who narrate their metamorphosis, Dominey stands out, spotlighting the potency of questioning and embracing change. "Limitless" isn't just a book—it's a movement, a testament to the boundless horizons one can touch when they dare to challenge their own limits.

Within the tapestry of stories from 22 awe-inspiring women lies a thread of resilience and empowerment. As a key contributor to "Born to RISE™", Dominey contributes deeply into the feminine core of courage, empathy, and boundless expansion. This isn't just a collection—it's a symphony, a call to harness the unparalleled strength that every woman carries within.

Dive deep with Dominey, a pioneer in personal development and success coaching, through her transformative podcast.

Combining insights from psychology, spirituality, and ontology, she and her esteemed guests shine a light on self-discovery's hidden facets.

Each episode is not just a dialogue, but a guided journey from the depths of the human psyche to genuine self-transformation. With Dominey at the helm, listeners are challenged, enlightened, and deeply inspired on their path to inner evolution. Join us in celebrating the invaluable voyage within.

With a natural charisma that translates effortlessly on-screen, Dominey has graced television and is actively exploring and developing broader avenues in media. Her magnetic presence captivates audiences across platforms, always with her steadfast mission in focus: to bridge the gap between success and genuine inner fulfillment.

In these unprecedented times, life as we know it has evolved. But, so have we. Introducing The Retreat, an embodiment of resilience, patience, and a testament to the power of storytelling. Featuring impactful narratives, including Dominey's compelling journey, it’s more than a series; it’s an evolution of tales shaped by our times.

"Money 'n' Morals" is a captivating exploration into the intricate dance between wealth and ethical choices. Dive deep into the world of finance and the moral compass that guides it, as hosts Aaron Ellis and Dominey unravel the often controversial and thought-provoking intersections of money matters and ethical dilemmas. Join them on this enlightening journey, where fiscal decisions meet moral judgments, and discover the true essence of responsible wealth.

1. Inner Evolution & Authentic Self-Discovery

  • How does the process of Inner Evolution differ from traditional personal development approaches?
  • In what ways can authentic self-discovery reshape our personal and professional lives?
  • What are the most common misconceptions about 'finding oneself' and how does Inner Evolution address them?

2. The Psychology of the Spiritual Experience

  • How do quantum physics and modern psychology converge to explain spiritual experiences?
  • What transformative impact can understanding the psychology of spiritual experiences have on one's life?
  • How do you see the balance between traditional psychological approaches and spiritual methodologies in addressing holistic well-being?

3. Empowerment through Authenticity

  • How does embracing our authentic selves lead to true empowerment in personal and professional spaces?
  • Can you share a pivotal moment in your journey where authenticity transformed a challenge into an opportunity?
  • - ow do societal perceptions often conflict with personal authenticity, and how can one navigate this?

4. Transformative Power of Change

  • Change is often seen as disruptive. How can one shift the perspective to see it as an avenue for growth?
  • What strategies do you advocate for to embrace change, even when it feels uncomfortable or challenging?
  • Can you share an anecdote or experience where embracing change led to an unexpected and profound personal transformation?

5. Building Deep, Authentic Connections

  • In an age of digital connectivity, how do we maintain or rediscover authentic human connections?
  • How has your journey across 35 countries shaped your perspective on human connections and relationships?
  • What are some actionable steps individuals can take to foster genuine relationships in personal and professional spheres?

Remember, these are starting points and can be adapted based on the specific audience and theme of the event.

World-Renowned Expertise: With over two decades of global experience, Dominey has developed the transformative method "Inner Evolution," backed by meticulous research and countless success stories.

Dynamic Speaker: Dominey's energetic, high-vibration delivery captivates audiences, ensuring engagement, inspiration, and actionable takeaways.

Diverse Experience: From van life adventures in over 35 countries to academic pursuits in quantum physics and psychology, her life experiences offer a rich tapestry of insights and stories.

Intuitive Business Acumen: A natural entrepreneur, she weaves practical business strategies with deeper personal development insights, appealing to a broad range of audiences.

Multilingual Engagement: Fluent in French and Italian, Dominey can connect with diverse audiences, broadening the reach and impact of your event.

Media Savvy: As a podcast host and TV show participant, Dominey knows the nuances of engaging with media platforms, ensuring your event or interview is both smooth and impactful.

Versatile Topics: Whether it's about sustainable living, the psychology of the spiritual experience, or personal transformation, Dominey can tailor her talk to fit your audience's needs.

Dominey is a spectacular CEO who has harnessed the power and art of relationships. She is masterful at the art of inner evolution: the art and science of mastering who you are and shattering your limits, to take your life and business to the next level.

Kelly Fidel

Award-Winning Speaker, Business Strategist, & Mentor Former Fortune 100 Executive, Over $1 Billion in sales closed, personally Founder, No Glass Ceiling® & The Powerhouse CEO®


"Dominey’s counsel and wisdom, her ability to advise me not only as a space entrepreneur and philanthropist but as a woman, as a human being, is significant! She understands our business, philanthropic and personal goals. Very unusual... Dominey, I am taking you with me to the moon."

Eva Blaisdell - Lady Rocket

Celebrity, Philanthropist, Largest Female Investor in the Space Industry, Founder of Copernic Space, Founder of Lady Rocket Foundation

Los Angeles, CA


“Dominey is the definition of integrity in all manners… this is a person you want on your team if you’re trying to accomplish big goals. We do a lot of 8, 9, 10-figure deals. I’ve brought Dominey personally into my house… I don’t want to say she’s my secret weapon, but I intend to bring her into most deals I’m doing now.”

Dan Vega

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Talk Show Hot, Strategic Advisor, Investor, Philanthropist

Pensacola, FL

"Dominey can teach a CEO of a firm or reorganize a company, small, medium or large. She's honest, trustworthy. She's worldly. Her contacts are amazing. So I highly recommend her to any big endeavor that you have!"

Eric Levine

Considered by many to be the founder of fitness in Asia | Creator of Super Gym Advertising and Marketing Co. - the exclusive worldwide agency for all Gold’s Gyms | Shareholder in Fitness company that sold for $1.7B | Ranked as the third largest private investor in the fitness domain worldwide

Los Angeles, CA